Our Story

Welcome! Two Cats + A Dog Co. is a small business based in Philadelphia, PA that specializes in organic, gluten-free handcrafted dog treats. 

It all started in 2022 when I adapted the recipe for one of my favorite desserts into a delicious, pet-safe treat that I could spoil Laila with on her birthday. The goodies were a hit and fast became a staple in our household. They were too good not to share, and thus Two Cats + A Dog Co. was born.

Today, Two Cats + A Dog Co. offers delicious dog treats made carefully by hand using wholesome organic ingredients including free range eggs, brown rice flour and ground flaxseed, buying local wherever possible. Our treats are also gluten-free, making them gentle on pups' stomachs or for pups with allergies to wheat. 

All treats have received Laila’s stamp of approval, and we hope your pup loves them too! We look forward to adding treats for our feline friends soon.

Meet the real Two Cats + A Dog

My furbabies--Big Boy, Chloe and Laila--are the inspiration and muse for Two Cats + A Dog Co.  I adopted Big Boy and Chloe in 2014 and Laila in 2017 when she was three months old. The three of them formed a special bond and created so many beautiful memories. Big Boy sadly passed away in 2019, bringing Chloe and Laila even closer together. We miss him everyday, but we keep his memory alive through Two Cats + A Dog Co.

  • Big Boy

  • Chloe

  • Laila